Aurora Smedley

A passionate hiker, writer, and mental health advocate, Aurora hiked the PCT solo in 2017 after recovering from severe depression. A perennial explorer, she has spent over 2 years of her life on foreign turf, including working as a musician in China, hiking over 250 miles in Patagonia, and doing academic research in India, Quebec, and California. Now what excites her are tens of thousands of future trail miles (fuck yeah!!!), and reverse-engineering depression, mood, and mental states. Aurora is a graduate of UC Berkeley Geophysics and a Cornell Engineering Ph.D. dropout.


The Case for Thru-Hiking Psychology

The Case for Thru-Hiking Psychology

I was alone, hurrying to Vermillion Valley Resort to make the 4 pm ferry. I crossed Bear Creek (a.k.a. big-ass river) on a massive log, and then I

Feb 15, 2018 : Aurora Smedley