Tips for Flying With Your Backpack from A Flight Attendant

Stressing about traveling to your next backpacking trip? I hope that sharing some of my experiences can help!
Oct 19th : Sarah Lesiecki

Smokies AT Thru-Hiker Permits to Double in Price in 2023

Beginning March 1, 2023, thru hiker permits in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park will be doubling from $20 to $40. This decision...
Nov 21st : Anna McKinney

19-Year-Old Hiker Found Deceased on Mt. Lafayette

Emily Sotelo, 19, of Westford, MA, was found deceased on the northwest side of Mount Lafayette in Franconia,...
Nov 24th : Rachel Shoemaker
Thru Hiking Culture

The Power Of The Mind

Nov 16th : Josh Widdowfield
Appalachian Trail

Trail Magic (Marlene) and Humps

Jul 15th : Brit
Appalachian Trail

Finding Community After Combat: An Interview with Tony DePricio of Warrior Expeditions

Apr 19th : Katie "Oats" Houston
Appalachian Trail

Your Body is a Miraculous Machine!

Apr 17th : Olivia Gerstenbacher
Appalachian Trail

14 Damn Good Reasons To Thru Hike The IAT Ulster-Ireland

Feb 28th : Colleen Goldhorn