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A Wild Jocelot

I am a thru-hiker who's been stuck in the body of a bar manager for 7 years. After getting fired from my job in December I realized I had the opportunity to go hike the Appalachian Trail 2021. As a Pole Dance teacher and student I hope to bring my love for Aerial Art to the trail. I call it "Tree-Pole". I love going into the woods on a hike and finding that perfect tree to dance with and use aerially for tricks! It's just fun and I like to have fun! Also, if you get anything stuck in a tree I'll gladly get it down! I am a cat lover, goldfish eatin', sucker for candy, orange juice drinkin', peanut butter lickin', old soul in the body of a 27 year old. Get to know me and follow my Adventures Of A Wild Jocelot!

Ada Shaw

Ahhhh!! Where do I begin? I'm a hiker (obviously) who is also a student, runner, traveler (and much, much more!). I crave stories - both creating my own and hearing others' - and I'm going to be hiking the Colorado Trail this year after a perfect storm mixed together and somehow landed me the perfect time slot and money (thank you, government stimulus check) to walk 500 miles!! See you all out there in the canyon/ forest/ mountain, etc!!

Alice Wu

I'm Alice! I'm a first-generation Asian-American, soon-to-be Navy veteran, avid reader, beer enthusiast, cat mom, and connoisseur of snacks. I roll Nat 1's with great regularity on my in-real-life Dexterity Saving Throws. PCT NOBO 2021.

Ann Marie White

aka Monkey Toes! I am a recent college graduate (go Tigers!) tackling the Appalachian Trail NOBO beginning in March 2021. I grew up backpacking throughout the Carolinas and climbing every rock I could get to. While I'm a little sad to be sacrificing my climbing arms for trail legs, it'll be worth it. Hopefully my friends won't make fun of me when I get back and can't climb a 5.6. If they do, I'll just kick them with my now super strong legs.

Annemarie Athey

Hiya Hikers! I recently sold almost all of my possessions, including my condo and wheels. I resigned from my career in bank management and I’m currently thru-hiking the AT-NOBO(turned FlipFlop)’21. Thanks for reading!

Austin Hager

Hey I'm Austin! A 30 year old guy living in BC that loves snowboarding, climbing and most importantly hiking! I have lived all over the province finding cool outdoor related jobs. I will be hiking the Great Divide Trail (GDT) through July and August and raising money for the Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention. Feel free to check out the fundraising page at

Austin Hays: Goblin

They/them. Chaos emerald. AT 2021 Flip Flopper. Bad brain. Pleased to meet you, hope you guessed my name.


When I was three years old and prowling the local playground, growling at other children, my mother would have to apologize on my behalf to the other parents. “She’s not mean, she just thinks she is a dragon.” So yeah, you could say I have taken the unconventional path through life from the very start!

Becca Mickley

A quirky, West Texas native with wandering and writing in her blood, watch me juggle both as I hike the PCT beginning April 10th, 2021!

Ben Carpenter

Writer, hiker, cyclist, and cat dad kicking it in Kansas City with plans to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail.

Bryce Maki

Hey there! I'm Bryce. A dude trying to crack a few smiles and stay stoked on the little things. My preferred methods of wasting time revolve around surfing, hiking, climbing, reading, thrifting, and wandering. Thanks for following along as I stumble my way NOBO on the PCT. I hope you find it authentic and interesting. Cheers!

Caitlin Stevens

I am avid about the outdoors and spend as much time as possible exploring. I have been backpacking, mountaineering, rock climbing, kayaking etc for years. I hope to complete a long time goal of thru hiking the PCT this year.

Chad Thome

Hey everyone! My name is Chad Thome. I am 47 and I have been an avid hiker for many years. My son got me into thru hiking in 2016. This journey goes from 2016 jumping to 2021 for part 2 of this trip. Transporter is my trail name. I got this because I had a 35 pound pack with no food or water in it yet at the start. Adding in food and water, this brought my pack total to over 45 pounds. This is a lot, as you know or will soon see!!! My son and I got all of our backpack gear together for the thru hike attempt in 2016. This is crazy what you think you need in a backpack doing this from home, compared to what you actually need on trail. I spent 1000s of hours becoming a YouTube expert. Only to find out I learned nothing. We started the 1rst week of May 2016. We froze walking in ankle to knee deep snow in the Smokies, hung many PCT method food bags (throw rope over tree limb, snap rope into carabiner attached to food bag. You then pull to the tree limb, wrap a twig into the line as high as you can reach and slowly let go. The limb stops the bag) We endured many miles and ended up in Daleville VA around 730+ miles in. We hiked around 30 miles further, when my wife called and said the house sold and that was the end of my journey, so I headed back to Daleville, VA for a flight home days later. My son finished the thru hike in 2016 whos trail name was Radar. My wife did the exact miles and journey in 2017. My wife and I came back to the trail in 2021 for a LASHER hike. This is really long section hike. Life allowed this one opportunity (never pass these up) for us to hike as couple, so we grabbed it. Hope to meet another 100-200 amazing people as we did hiking in 2016. Look forward to talking to everyone.

Chicken & Dumplin

My name is Theresa and my son's name is Chance; we're also known as Chicken (Chance) and Dumplin (Theresa). You can find us on Instagram and Facebook. We've been hiking for about 3 years and have cut our trail teeth on the Pinhoti Trail here in Alabama. We have often discussed the desire to go north, dreaming and daring to believe that we could complete the AT. Lord willing and the creek don't rise, 2021 is our year!


Hi, I'm Chris, trail name Slowride. I started hiking in 2008 because I needed a new hobby and needed to get out of a rut. I ended up really digging being outside in nature and just hiking all day and still do. I also love heavy metal music and live concerts.

Chris Armstrong

Hello!! My name is Chris and I plan on hiking the AT starting on March 14 2021....assuming the world doesn't end before then. I am currently wrapping up a 24 year career in the Coast Guard and will be using the AT to springboard me back into the real world. I currently live in Rhode Island (Go Rhody) and will be moving back to South Florida after the hike.

Claire Dumont

Hi, I’m Claire! But some folks know me as Marmot. I’m a thru-hiker and geographer. I’ve completed five thru-hikes so far, and when I’m not on trail I study the interactions between hikers and their environments. I hike for the people, the wildflowers, and surprisingly the food. Follow my blog for my takes on the trail, local histories, fun ecology facts, gourmet backpacking bites, and of course, the best coffee along the way.

CPT Petkoff

Active Duty Army Captain, recently diagnosed with terminal brain cancer; hiking the Appalachian Trail IOT to instill perseverance and hope in others.

Daniel Gerken

Hi, I'm Dan. I am hiking the PCT in 2021. I hope I get a cool trail name. I hope I don't get lost. To read more subscribe directly to my feed on The Trek, or go to

Darlene M

I am a nature-loving being who loves to relax and just be. I am working on my people skills, so doing a NoBo thru-hike is probably the best way to get started. I love ruins, coffee, and will risk my life rescuing turtles from the road. Sober since May 2006. Amazon Link! :)

David Howard

I plan on starting my thru-hike of the AT on April 17th. My company has granted me a 6 month sabbatical to complete the trail. I am an Environmental Engineer who loves backpacking. I have done portions of the Florida, Ice Age, Colorado, Appalachian, & Continental Divide trails. I have about 400 total miles of backpacking experience under my belt and hope to add 2200 after I finish the AT. If I finish the AT early enough, I may just complete the remaining portion of the Long trail for fun.

David Smith

My name is David AKA Wazo. I'm a planning 2021 SOBO AZT thru-hike starting in the first week of October. This plan materialized after having to undergo some major abdominal surgery in May which forced me to cancel my plans to do a thru-hike of the PCT. I like to bike, hike, backpack, and read. I live in Central Phoenix. Every morning I get up to watch the sun come up with my little 16 pound dog, Louie, from our perch 22 floors above the city.

Ellie Tillma

Hi, my name is Ellie. I am a college student from Minnesota and will be hiking the Appalachian Trail Southbound beginning in early June. The AT has been on my radar since I got back to school in the fall after thru-hiking the Colorado Trail last summer. I'm really looking forward to exploring the East coast and getting back to doing what I love on trail.

Emily Pilkerton

Just a girl who likes to hike and camp. Acute care PT from Birmingham, AL --> PCT thru hiker

Emily Rahn

I've been a backpacker for more than a decade, but my first thru-hike was the Colorado Trail in 2019. It was amazing! I couldn't get enough of the alpine tundra and was exuberant over seeing seven moose!! Last year I attempted the Uinta Highline Trail, but had to bail due to a wildfire closure. This summer I am hiking the South Dakota Centennial Trail and Superior Hiking Trail.

Emma Rosenfield

I'm Wildlife, and I'll be taking on the GWL this year (2021)! My standard poodle, Lily, aka Muddy Boots, hiked 350+ miles with me on the AT and Washington with me on the PCT. I also backpacked the AZT in 2020. When I camp in the woods, I like to rate my poops on a scale- helps with monitoring your health!

Emma Slaughter

I'm Thirteen! My hobbies include walking immeasurably long distances, binge watching classic horror films, and avoiding most human contact. I hiked SOBO in 2019 on the Appalachian Trail and became addicted to the free-flowing lifestyle. "Normal" life and "post- trail readjustment" didn't work out so well for me the first time around so this year I'll be blogging from the Benton MacKaye Trail!

Faith Breads

AT Thru-Hiker 2021 | Washington, D.C. | Runner | Sunrise Enthusiast Cock-a-doodle doo! How do you do? My name is Faith and I recently got a chicken inked on my right calf as a nod to William Carlos William's poem, "The Red Wheelbarrow." The whole thing goes like this: So much depends, upon the red wheelbarrow, glazed with rain water, beside the white chickens. It captures the preciousness of ordinary moments, the expansive beauty amongst simple things. Despite the epic-ness of our thru-hiking adventures, we'll be doing a simple thing after all: walking, eating, sleeping, laughing, crying, being - all on the trail. My blog will try to capture the beauty of all of this. Thanks for reading. Buy the ticket, take the ride!

Fancy Feast

I'm a certified ski instructor, nature nerd, and pedestrian explorer. When I'm not walking I like to stress bake and play word games. My dearest wish is a sponsorship by Hellmann's Mayonnaise. I have never owned a cat.

Fire Breather

Hey everybody! My name's Ross, but you can call me by my trail name, Fire Breather. I'm from the East Bay Area but have spent a few years in the PNW. This last year I've been a coffee roaster. Now, I plan to roast miles on my NOBO PCT thru hike! I love to read, so feel free to drop book recommendations in the comments. Also, feel free to follow me on Instagram @its_firebreather_now. Looking forward to sharing some stories with you!


Multifaceted swamp goblin doing their little bug best. Part-time hiker trash, full-time goofball. Smiles over miles, I'm here for the journey. Incredibly passionate about diversity and inclusion in all realms. I've LASH'd CT-ME on the AT ('18), SOBO'd the LT ('20), WEBO the PNT ('21), and SOBO the OCT ('21).


NYC based consultant trading my carry-on for a backpack to hike NOBO on the AT in 2021!

Geri Rosenberg

I'm Geri. I bike, I make maps, and I prefer to spend my days embracing nature and eating popcorn. I like my sweets with a savory kick and my beer as sour as possible. After my 2020 AT NOGO, I thru-hiked the Uinta Highline Trail and the Colorado Trail, and in 2021 I'll be hiking the PCT SOBO.


Thru-hiking the AT has been my dream since joining a backpacking club when I was in my early teens. Plans to hike in 2020 were crushed by COVID. Currently planning 2021, but had to have a hip replacement in December, and training to get my miles back up. After surviving 2 nearly deadly accidents, I am lucky and grateful to have the opportunity and physical ability to attempt this adventure. I currently live in PA in a log cabin with my husband Tom, Border Collie Mika, and XXL cat Mikey.

Hannah Goodman

Hi, I'm Hannah (a.k.a. Spring). I enjoy going for long walks in the woods with my rubber duck and deciding whether my cheese is too sweaty to eat after it has sat in my pack multiple days. I graduated high school last year and am taking a gap year in order to spend as much time outdoors as possible before I go back to school. I'm thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail NOBO starting in February and can't wait to see how many pounds of swedish fish and gummy worms I consume while on the trail.

Heather OConnell

Hi, Hola and Aloha! As an adventurer, cultural enthusiast, educator, enlightenment seeker, hiker, runner, and soul searcher, the idea of thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail tickles me with delight! I grew up in Long Island, New York, and after living in California, Hawaii and Spain, and backpacking six weeks on the A.T. as a LASHER (Long-Ass-Section-Hiker), I am thrilled to explore the entirety of the trail on foot. I first experienced backpacking not far from the beautiful Redwoods of Arcata, California and this developed into a passion on the tropical paradise island of the Big Island of Hawaii. An international Fulbright Scholarship brought me to Spain and I followed my dream to live in this foreign country and have loved exploring Galicia. I traversed from Spain over the Pyrenees and into France one step at a time last summer and am thrilled to take in the vast terrain and beauty of the Eastern U.S. on foot in the spring of this year. Teaching has financed and afforded me the time to partake in all of my adventures and when I am inspiring students to be stewards of the land through the lens of science and math, I feel as if I am pursuing a passion and it fulfills me greatly. Long-distance hiking includes another enthusiasm and I eagerly anticipate a future career in which those worlds can collide. I look forward to sharing my experience and inspiring others as I celebrate this new decade of life. Happy Trails!

Heidi Nisbett

My name is Heidi but you can call me Picasso. I hail from Charlotte, North Carolina. I hiked the Appalachian Trail NoBo in 2018 and have since hiked a number of smaller trails, including the Superior Hiking Trail (MN) and the Foothill's Trail (SC). I am currently hiking the 2021 CDT NoBo hike with my partner. When I am not hiking, I work at a brewery and pursue a side career of being an artist. Oh, and I love dogs.


Hiya! The trail name is hiccups. If you were wondering...yes, I do get hiccups every day, every hour if you'd believe it. I am a former thru-hiker: AT Class of 2018, and a future thru-hiker: PCT Class of 2021. I have spent the last three years digging myself out of debt, preparing for the next thru-hike, and checking career milestones off the list for my future dream job of being a Director of Education in a National or State Park. Words cannot express how long I have waited to be dirty and sore every day again.


Hello! My name is Noël and I'm starting an AT thru-hiking adventure in April 2021. I'm thrilled to be here on The Trek and look forward to posting future trail musings, bits of advice, complaints, and philosophical ramblings for your reading pleasure!

J.D./ La Loon

Unfiltered hiker trash of a wizened age. Enjoys life on the backroads and long walks to the doughnut shop. Fearless until a headlamp and moths are involved. A firm believer in giving back and protecting public lands from unenlightened Cretans whilst inspiring new generations of tree-hugging hominins to respect LNT principles. Full-time RVer occasionally somewhere around Buffalo, Wyoming. - Life isn’t a box of chocolates my friends, it’s beautiful colored chaos with a “Use By” date. Be fearless. Scare yourself.

Jackson Sims-Myers

My name is Jackson. I'm a PCT thru-hiker, full-time van lifer off trail, and a lover of the outdoors. In 2021 I completed the Sierra High Route, 650 MIles of NorCal on the PCT and I'm attempting a SOBO AT hike starting at the end of August. When I'm not hiking I live in Southern Utah in my Chevy Astrovan working as an outdoor guide, eat a lot of ramen noodles and avocados, and try to play outside every day hiking, climbing, or canyoneering. My favorite vegetable is the yam because you've got to gas up the Yamborghini at dinner.

Jacob Barstow

Howdy, I’m Jacob! Originally from Louisiana, I now live in Seattle. I love the outdoors, especially rock climbing. My favorite climb is the Becky Route on Liberty Bell. Fun fact: My best friend and I have matching pizza tattoos. PCT thru-hiker ‘21.

Jacob Deutsch

After coming down with a bad case of unemployment, the mountains started calling. I followed that feeling all the way from Pennsylvania to Montana. After a few months cutting my backpacking/hiking teeth in the Rockies, I moved back east and found a home in the Green Mountains of Vermont - just 8 miles from the AT. While the logistics of everyday life bar me from following through with Springer fever... for now, in 2021 I will be thru-hiking the New England Trail (NET) in April and the Foothills Trail in September.


My name is Janine, aka J9. I am a San Diego-based yoga teacher, and in July 2021, I will be starting my walk home from Canada....Pacific Crest Trail thru-hiker at the ripe age of 39! I enjoy long walks in the woods, 528hz music, and local craft kombucha. I have yet to try all three together....maybe soon.

Jennifer Foster

Hey there Trekkers! My name is Jenn and I'm starting a PCT thru-hike in April 2021. After living in Asia for 5 years and solo backpacking around the world for 2 years, I have changed my definition of 'backpacking' from living out of a backpack and traveling via plane, trains and motorcycles, to living out of a backpack and traveling by foot. I hope to see you on the trail!

Jennifer Kimble

Endurance junkie and trail runner turned thru-hiker (trail name- Luna); I am always jonesing for a hit of outdoor adventure! My awesome husband has gifted me the chance to get out and play on the Appalachian Trail, and I can't wait to experience ALL OF IT! Stop wishing. Start doing!

Jenny Bush

My name is Jenny. I am a future Appalachian Trail Thru-Hiker! I love cats and dogs as if they are humans. I enjoy Mcdonalds more than I should. Hard Cider is my beverage of choice.

Johanna Willi

My name is Johanna, but on trail everyone calls me Tinkle. I'm a native swiss girl who loves hiking and skittles! I thru-hiked the Pacific Crest Trail in 2018. Let's hike the world together :)

Jon Goff

Hello all! My name is Jon (trail name: Repeat). I'm a free thinker/explorer of life. Born and raised in the lovely hills and country roads of West Virginia, I currently live in Tampa, FL with my lovely fiancé Erica and the best daughter ever, Olivia. My 2021 thru hike is my second go around on the Appalachian Trail, the first being in 2018, and I’m excited to share more of this experience with you guys.

Josh Brown

Hey, I'm Josh (or Moose). I'm a fan of huge climbs (less-so the downhill after), sweeping views, and big days. In my normal life, I teach an ever shifting rotation of classes at the public school in Lytton, BC which sits at the confluence of the Thompson and Fraser Rivers. When I thru-hiked the PCT in 2018, I planned my food and resupplies for the entire trail and I loved (most of) my food until the very end; I plan to thru-hike the Great Divide Trail (GDT) this year and (hopefully) love all of my food by the end.

Kara and Nick

Two Michigan kids who are choosing to spend their first six months of marriage living in a tent. AT NOBO 2021.

Kat Tracks

I live in the Boulder, CO area where I enjoy hiking on our many Open Space trails. I live with my husband of 33 years in a too empty nest, since our daughters have flown the coop. One is studying fashion design and living the good life in Southern California and the other is attending Medical school in Philadelphia. I work PRN as an Ultrasound Tech which leaves me plenty of time to pursue my passions of traveling and enjoying nature - especially wildlife sightings. I will be going NOBO on the Appalachian Trail in 2020. (Make that 2021!) I hope to ‘celebrate’ my SIXTY FIRST birthday somewhere along the trail in late June. See you in the woods!

Kate Rose

Midwestern heart with a West Coast spirit. Got into endurance sports due to poor sense of direction. Interests include: books. bikes. blogs. brews. (coffee & beer, in that order)

Katie Eckman

I hiked the Appalachian Trail northbound in 2017. I ended that trip with a love for backpacking, and have only grown more fond of it since then. I will be hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in April 2021. I will start in southern California and hike northward. Hoping to share some of that experience with you through this blog!


Hey friends! My name is Kaylin, but on the trail I’m known as Moxie! I’m 20 and I've lived in Maine my entire life. I’m a hiker at heart, and I’ve recently fallen in love with rock climbing. I thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail in 2019, and this year I'm hiking the Colorado Trail! It'll be my first time hiking out west and I'm psyched about it - follow along for posts and updates!

Kevin Neft

Out here trying live life to the fullest and see this beautiful earth one step at a time. Catch me on trail or meandering abroad. PCT 2020 NOGO turned PCT 2021 NOBO. Lets do this!

Kim Joyce

Hi! My name is Kim, and this summer I’ll be hiking the Vermont Long Trail NOBO with my pup and trusty hiking partner Chloe. I grew up in Western Mass, and have spent the last three summers exploring the Adirondacks, Green Mountains and White Mountains. Follow our adventures on Instagram @kim.joyce18 and for all of the puppy pics, you can find Chloe @chloebeatricebug.

Kyle Peltier

First-time Thur-Hiker, Seasoned Adventurer, full-time poet (soon to be published) and soon to be Tik Tok (@harrison_smiles406) star!


Lacie is a white collar dropout from Littleton, NH. She thru hiked the AT in 2019 and will the attempting to thru hike the PCT starting March 29. She hikes an writes with a focus on mental health and wellness. Follow along here and on Instagram (TheQueenOfNewEngland)! Donations to Lacie's PCT fundraiser for the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) can be made here:

Lance Goehring

Born and raised in the land of no hills, Iowa, I moved to Arizona and fell in love with the mountains. My name is Lance and I have had my own computer repair business for over 20 years. For the last 10 years, my every spare moment has been spent on trails and in the national parks of the west, soaking it all in and taking pictures. I figured age 50 is as good as time as any to call an audible and do the unexpected, hike the PCT NOBO in 2021. So, when you see a jolly dude with a white beard in Washington next year, it's not Christmas come early, but just me with a generous growth of trail whiskers.

Lara Antonia

I am a Brazilian small-town girl that has fallen in love with this crazy world. All my life I have wanted to live a big adventure, and the PCT seemed like the perfect one! I am looking forward to sharing all about this journey with you.

Lauren de la Vega

My trail name is Woodchuck and will remain Woodchuck because it's tattooed on the bicep of a man in Damascus. I hiked the AT in 2016 (southbound), the PCT in 2017 (flip) and will be hiking southbound on the CDT this year. I'm a licensed hiking and camping guide in New York state, and spend most of my weekends taking people hiking and camping in the Catskills and Hudson Valley regions of New York. I have a Master's in Creative Arts Therapy Counseling, and I'm passionate about combining my training in art therapy with nature connection.

Laurie Adams

Sober, coffee-loving, type 2 fun addict. Mainly here so I can eat pop tarts every morning for breakfast without feeling guilty. AT NOBO 2021.

Laurie Haw

I found out long ago, thanks Kelley for teaching me backpacking in the 80's, that I am most complete when I leave the day-to-day routine and just GO...anywhere different. I am compelled to travel, wander, on road trips, weekend getaways- always flux. That's a good and a frustrating thing! I also ponder all the possibilities of life as a seeker of wonders and a knowledge gatherer. Oh...and numbers are the bomb! Hang tight kitties and all for I'll be back later...and Hello Appalachian Trail!

Linnett Andersen

Wannabe-adventurer, freelance writer and aspiring photographer with a gypsy soul. Thru-hiked Pacific Crest Trail, class of 2019, and taking on the Continental Divide Trail this year.

Logan Roark

Hey friends. My imagination is too big for most things I’ve run into so far. I like all things nerdy and dirty. ENTP. Enneagram type 7. I’ll beat you at Harry Potter trivia. I love my cat.

Lyla Harrod

I'm a 34 year old sober, queer and transgender woman (she/her) who thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail NOBO in 2021, the Bay Circuit Trail in 2021 (FKT) and will be hiking the Arizona Trail in October and November of 2021. I'm a fiery Aries who runs on sour candy and caffeine. Follow my Trek!

Marcelo Vargas

Although I've always enjoyed the outdoors and camping trips, I am challenging myself to learn and explore more of the world! The PCT seemed like a rational first step!

Max Kiel

NY-based writer, video editor, thru-hiker and runner Appalachian Trail '21

Morgan Balog

My name is Morgan, but you can call me Juicy. I am thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail and I am a soon-to-be Electrical Engineer. I was born without a left hand and through my blog updates, I hope to show that hiking is something everyone can enjoy! Feel free to also follow my adventure on my personal blog or my Instagram page @baloghikes.

Nadia Fenay

Hi there! My name is Nadia Fenay. I am a 29-year-old who finally decided to start living the life I've always wanted. After ten years of working myself to death in sales and management, I've chosen to change my life in every way possible. I'm currently a student at the University of South Florida pursuing a degree in sustainable studies. The trail is my biggest step towards living with a new purpose. I will be NOBO thru-hiking the AT beginning early February and I am so ready for this adventure! Thanks for following along on my journey!

Olivia Hughes

Hey everyone! My name is Liv. My partner, Ryan, and our pup, Parker, will be parking our converted camper van and embarking on a 2021 AT Thru Hike starting in March. I'm looking forward to sharing our experiences on trail with you all as you read about our journey. Stay tuned!

Paul Madigosky

Hi, I'm Paul. Some of my hobbies include bushcrafting, hiking, writing, and (when I have time) playing the banjo. I have loved the outdoors ever since I've been a child. Most of what I remember the clearest involves going on camping trips or nature walks with my father. These days, I go on long hikes almost every weekend. My general rule is, if I am not sleeping or working, I'm in the woods or at least outdoors. I have wanted to go on a sizable thru-hike ever since I saw the first Lord of the Rings movie in theaters, way back in 2001. The AT has been on my mind for a few years now and I finally decided to make 2021 the year I hike it, in entirety. I'll be updating you all of my comings and goings throughout the whole journey.


I am a photographer, walker, and sometime paddler, a theologically-educated geek living in Rochester, NY. Once upon a time I was an Army helicopter jockey in Alaska. He/him. Christian, cisgender male who strongly supports his gay/lesbian/trans/whatever friends, relatives and neighbors. I started with film, switched to digital, then went back to classic film cameras. With major back surgery in August 2019 and bunion repair in January 2020 now behind me, I am gearing up to start Appalachian Trail northbound in March, 2022 to celebrate my seventy-second birthday. Blogging for The Trek.

Perry Winters

Perry Winters is a fine art, landscape, and adventure photographer living and working in the US. Having grown up in the Roan Highlands of Appalachia, he acquired a deep sense of curiosity and reverence for the natural world, and as a photographer and outdoorsman, he's had the opportunity to share with others his adventures and travels far and wide. He currently resides in Johnson City, Tennessee. In March of 2021, he will be embarking on his first thru-hike: The Appalachian Trail.


I'm a Minnesota native currently living in Denver. I've been gradually leveling up my hiking game from short day hikes to backcountry overnighters. I began section hiking the Colorado Trail in 2020 and hope to complete it over a few years. In 2021, I hiked the Tahoe Rim Trail. I love figuring out how to balance my full-time work life with a lot of hiking, camping, and backpacking.

Rachel Crafford

Howdyyyyy! I'm Rachel aka Sassafast and I'm a New England native who spends her time running, skiing, biking, kombucha brewing, and trying to tire out her dog. I walked from Washington to California on the Pacific Crest Trail before having to end my journey due to wildfire closures. Now, I’m headed northbound on the Colorado Trail 🤘🏼

Rachel Frey

I'm a recent college grad who figured if I couldn't walk at graduation, I could at least walk from Mexico to California. I love anything outdoors, especially running, climbing, and hiking. Super excited for a NOBO PCT starting in March!

Sam Cermak

Hey there, I’m Sam! I’m a born and bred Midwesterner, aspiring AT thru-hiker, and future attorney. Catch me NOBO on the Trail in spring 2021!

Sarah Caldwell

Sarah here but you can call me Scooch! I am currently preparing to restart my Appalachian Trail Thru hike that was paused due to covid! I was going solo when I originally started but this time it will be myself and my Australian shepherd puppy named Tater Tot! We can't wait to share our adventures on the trail with you!

Shuping Liu

I’m an AT SOBO of ‘21 from Brooklyn. Also a registered architect in New York. Also also a proud Asian-American hoping to inspire more like me to come out here.


Sibley "Possibly" Brown. Itinerant teacher, thru-hiker, and presently, lumberjack. AT NOBO 2018. PCT NOBO 2021???

Sleepin Bear

I have always loved outdoor adventures and in the last 3 years I've been going after the "bucket list." I've enjoyed thru-hiking the Appalachian, Pacific Crest, and Superior Hiking trails; solo kayaking the whole Mississippi, St. Croix, and Namekogan Rivers; bicycling across America from Pacific to Atlantic, around Lake Superior, and along the Mississippi river trail from Lake Itasca, MN to Venice, LA. and many other smaller adventures. I'm looking forward to through hiking the Continental Divide Trail this year.


I am Sue (aka Snaphappy), an older hiker meandering along through life and around the world. I have many loves in my life including my family and grandkids, my many years as a Midwife helping women have their babies, traveling to the many unique corners of the world, and rambling around the White Mountains of New Hampshire (where I live) with my favorite camera in tow. I’ve been fortunate to have traveled and hiked in many wonderful places in the world and loved every step along the way. I’m meandering along on the PCT now, so if you happen to find yourself looking into the business end of my camera lens, give a smile and a wave, and point the way north! Please join me on The Trek, and to see more of my life, photos, and past adventures, you can find me at

Steph Strickland

Sparky is a writer and outdoor enthusiast from Florida thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail in 2021. As a recent graduate of the University of Florida, Sparky hopes to work in public interest communications and push for environmental and social change. When she isn’t on the trail, you can catch Sparky at your local coffee shop or vegan cafe. Happy trails!

Steve Monaco

Hi, I'm Steve from NJ, an aspiring AT 2021 NOBO thru-hiker! Since my recent retirement from the IT world, I have been reinventing myself thru travel, writing, painting, and very long walks. "Please pardon our appearance while we redecorate..."


My name is Sydney. I am a hiking enthusiast living in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. I am headed out on my thru-hike of the AT in 2021. You can follow my journey here and on Instagram!


Greetings from Arkansas, the Natural State! I am a postponed 2020 AT NOBO thru-hiker turned dedicated 2021 AT NOBO thru-hiker! Starting April 10. Trail name yet to be determined. See y'all out there!

Terri Schneider

Terri is an author, coach, speaker, sport psychology consultant and ultra-endurance athlete. A former 10-year professional triathlete focusing on the IRONMAN® distance, she expanded her challenges to include adventure racing with the inception of the Eco Challenge in 1995, as well as ultrarunning and mountaineering. Terri earned a degree in exercise physiology as well as a master’s degree in sport psychology with a research emphasis on risk taking and team dynamics. While Santa Cruz, CA and Burlington, WA, remain her home bases, she spends time each year volunteering in Bhutan while continuing to explore and adventure around the globe. Terri looks forward to celebrating her 60th birthday on the Pacific Crest Trail this summer. For more information, visit

Thin Mint

HI, I'm Jennifer AKA Thin Mint. This April I'll be leaving the "real world" and setting out to thru hike the PCT. I'm a 2010 AT thru hiker, a world traveler, finance nerd who likes to cook, drink cheap wine, and loves a good deal. Follow me as I step out of the rat race and in to another adventure of a lifetime.

Vinny Tagliatela

I’m Vinny, AKA “Slice”. 2016 Appalachian Trail NOBO, 4/3 to 9/24. 2021 Pacific Crest Trail NOBO starting 4/11. Come join me for shenanigans and tomfoolery, won't you?

Wandering Geo

My name is Casey and in 2021 I'm going to be doing something I never thought I'd get the chance to do. I'm going to attempt to thru hike the Appalachian Trail. The timing is perfect for me to do this because I don't own a home, have a relationship. I don't really have anything keeping me here in Michigan and will have no problems being away from home for six months. My goal with hiking this trail is to figure out exactly what I want to do in life and where I want to go. I need to figure out how I can make backpacking my life because it is the one thing that keeps me grounded and my one true passion. I feel very lost in life and I can't wait to discover myself on this journey.

Wendy Templeman

I’ve been mostly a daughter, mostly a wife, and mostly a Mom. Now I’m mostly me. I have been on tremendous journeys emotionally and spiritually, and am now completing the trinity with a physical adventure. I am embarking on my first thru hike this April. As the PCT moves closer and is no longer a far off vision I am filled with excitement and anticipation for the unknown that lies ahead. I’m looking forward to sharing “raw footage” as I travel, the good, bad and the ugly!! Stay tuned!

Wes Laudeman

My name is Wes but my trail name is Cap'n, as in, "Oh Cap'n, my Cap'n!" I write and I hike. I also do other stuff but I'm not as good at those things. I'm going to be a high school English teacher once I'm done with this crazy 2,200 mile walk thing. I also like dogs but then again who doesn't? Check out my personal website at

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  • John : Sep 1st

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  • DSNN real hikers : Jun 26th

    the world has come full circle.
    A#holes are even apparently through hikers now. A#holes are everywhere bust surprised to seem the on the AT.
    We had a simple But big back pack into ethan pond this weekend. Big because we brought everything for an easy trip and can sort through what gear we haven’t used since last year, what is useless, what is usefull, etc for bigger hikes over the summer. A smart thing to do before an important backpack.
    One of the kids, (everyone carrying big packs including seasoned 13 year olds., and NOT beginners by any stretch) got sick, so we stopped at Zealand hut.
    We were laughed at by a group going through (supposedly) from Georgia and, oooh, new jersey).

    Don’t judge anyone by what they are wearing or carrying every time.
    Mass#holes are everywhere, and being new hapmshire natives, we are used to inexperienced tourists.

    But I expected better from Thru-hikers.
    I am guessing many claim to be but are not.

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